How Not to Lose Your Life in the Midst of Routine and Work Affairs

How Not to Lose Your Life in the Midst of Routine and Work Affairs?


We live in a time when the world around us is rushing at breakneck speed, we are surrounded by tons and gigabytes of information, we live in multitasking mode, even when we are not aware of it. 

But often doing several things at the same time, we do not really live these moments and do not concentrate on any of the cases. Enjoying the moment can be easy, for this you can visit

Seize the Moment

We want to fill life with meaning and some bright and interesting events, so we plan ourselves a perfect day and a perfect week, where we do everything in time, and then do things on the go, afraid to stop and lose valuable seconds so as not to feel disappointed that life is passing by.

And sometimes it seems to us that now we will overtake the locomotive, redo all the cases and the most interesting time will begin!

But it will begin exactly at the moment when we realize that right now it is our time!!! And only we ourselves can make every moment make sense.

How Can We Do This?

To do this, we need to stop constantly grabbing only for new knowledge and new emotions, and instead try to delve into what we already have.

Do Not Combine Several Cases at the Same Time! 

By doing several things at the same time, we don’t really focus on any of them. Instead of having more time, we just do everything automatically (not the fact that it is effective), without really living this moment.

Evolution has placed in us the need to concentrate on dangers, so you will quickly notice a passing car or a loud sound.

And noticing pleasant moments, for example, the smell of lilac or beautiful clouds, is not so important to us for survival, so we very often do not see the good around us.

Don’t have lunch with a phone and a TV! Feel the taste of the dishes, their smell, consistency, and focus on these sensations. 

Do not listen to audiobooks on a walk, remove the headphones and look around. Pay attention to the color of the leaves, the shape of the clouds, the surrounding smells, the houses you pass by.

Implement the Practice of Gratitude and Achievements of the Day

This will allow you to notice something important and special every day. 

What important things happened to you today? To whom and for what are you grateful? It could be someone giving up a seat on the subway or a smiling salesman, or just birds singing under the window. 

At first, the practice may seem strange, as if you are coming up with something from scratch. But over time, you will notice how your thinking will change, and you will notice more and more such little things that make every day special.

Go to Bed Earlier Instead of Hanging Out on Social Networks

You will wake up earlier with a good night’s sleep and will be able to take a quiet walk before work, or at least not rush at full speed.

Such small actions will relieve your brain, and the observation of the moment makes the brain more plastic, promoting the growth and strengthening of new neural connections.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to rebuild the structure of neural connections, adapting to environmental conditions.

Thus, over time, it will become easier for you to notice your condition, improve your ability to focus on one task, which in turn will increase your productivity, which means that there may be more free time.

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