Vitamins for Hair Growth

Necessary Vitamins for Hair Growth


Vitamins are paramount for the wholesome growth of hair. Vitamins refer to organic compounds which are essential for expected growth and nourishment. These are required in compact quantities because our bodies cannot synthesize the vitamins easily. Vitamins are complement players, they help other nutrients work preferably. Vitamins are vital for the entire body to work properly.

So, to know more about all the things mentioned above, let’s dive into the blog.

Vitamins You Need to Consume for Healthy Hair

Vitamin B

Plays a crucial role in hair growth and is essential for metabolism and nervous system function. B vitamins do help in better cell rejuvenation through abundant red blood cells which needless to say reinforce your hair follicles. Because of the prominence of red blood cells, which not only deliver oxygen but make the scalp able to provide a plentiful foundation to hold and grow new hair growth. Vitamin B2, B7, B12, and folate are major for hair growth.

Vitamin C

There is a need for better maintenance of vitamins for glowy and healthy h

It is not only suitable for the maintenance of immunity but also an essential vitamin for hair growth. It makes the hair stronger as it increases blood circulation throughout the body including the scalp. With the increased blood circulation to your scalp, there is greater stimulation for hair follicles which in turn promotes the growth of hair.


Iron plays an uncommonly important role in the promotion of hair growth. Iron helps our body to produce hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to our body cells. The micronutrients in iron help in better circulation of blood. Iron deficiency can also be prevented by having a balanced diet, and inculcating hygienic habits like brushing and washing hair gently. 

Vitamin D

A deficiency in vitamin D may result in hair loss. As vitamin D is metabolized in the skin by keratinocytes skin cells produce keratin when the body is insufficient in vitamin D it results in shedding and hair deprivation. It plays a role in the creation of hair follicles(tiny pores from where hair growth occurs). One of the important aspects is that a deficiency of vitamin D leads to muscle weakness, and decreased endurance of hair growth. 


It is a trace mineral needed by the body in small amounts. It is required in small quantities but potent for the body. Low levels of zinc are associated with hair loss, thinning, and poor wound healing. Zinc corroborates the oil glands throughout the follicles for seamless work. 

Seafood, cashews, almonds, and chickpeas,  are some major foods rich in zinc.


Keratin is responsible for hair growth and nails. It is naturally produced by the body and there are many supplements available. Keratin is majorly derived from the feathers, and wool of animals and can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Keratin is the structural building block of hair, so its potential use is required for the healthy growth of hair because there are no standard established studies about keratin as a recommendatory element for hair growth.

Other Key Tips for Healthy Hair

  • Balanced diet
  • Collaboration of enriched food items in the diet.
  • Rudimentary exercise like (breathing, walking, etc.)
  • Consumption of the right products.
  • Routine checkups for assurity

Food Items Enriched With Essential Vitamins:

  • Dark leafy greens are enriched in B2, B3, C, K
  • Mushrooms are distinctly less in carbs and calories. It includes vitamins like B2, B3, and D
  • Nuts prominently comprise B6 and E
  • Broccoli is rich in 6-14 vitamins including vitamin

Tips to Choose The Best Hair Growth Products

Decide Your Hair Type

By knowing the hair type one can find the correct balance that hair needs. Now the  question arises how to know about the hair type 


Your hair can be clearly straight, curly, coiled, or wavy. Curly and wavy hair is more prone to dryness and frizziness. So knowing about the appearance of hair is important.


 It refers to the ability of hair strands to retain moisture.

Finding The Right Product

Getting the right product is one of the requirements for the growth of healthy hair. By checking the ingredients of the product one can acquire knowledge about the product. most importantly to check the product sense so that it comprises essential vitamins which are the right key for healthy hair and also to check that the product is free from paraben, sulfates, harsh chemicals, scents, etc. as these products are very harmful for not only the hairs but for the whole body and for the mother earth.  


So to conclude, vitamins do play a major role in healthy hair growth. One can get vitamins from external sources for the maintenance and constant rejuvenation of cells and elements required for hair growth. In today’s hectic lives one needs to take out all these requirements from external factors like products majorly.

So the best hair growth vitamins are in need. It must be kept in mind while using the hair growth product indispensable vitamins, their aggregate, sources are a help this out in this matter you can visit MD factor’s website.

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