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An Introduction to the Expected IAS Interview Questions


Some of the IAS interview questions which the candidates can expect from the interview panel are given in this article. It is highly likely that candidates can come across such basic questions in the interview conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the third stage of the Civil Services examination.

One of the most basic IAS interview questions would be to introduce yourself. It is important that candidates are thorough with the answers, because the interview panel will usually start building on the questions from the answers you give to the basic questions. The other basic IAS interview questions could be to explain the meaning of your name. Another IAS interview question would be to share details about your hometown. Candidates can expect more questions about your hometown, district or state. If there are any latest events or developments in your home town, district or state; you should be prepared to answer those questions.  The other IAS interview questions would be related to your family. These questions can be clubbed under the introduce yourself section of the IAS interview questions. Apart from these, candidates could expect questions related to your job profile, and the optional subjects chosen by the candidates. Candidates should even be prepared to answer questions on the cadre that the candidate is interested in and the reason for choosing those Civil service posts.

The other basic IAS interview questions would be related to the hobbies mentioned by the candidates in their Detailed Application Form (DAF). For an example, if a candidate has mentioned sports, then the candidates should be prepared to answer questions related to latest development in sports, for example one could expect questions related to Tokyo Olympics, questions could be related to India’s medal tally, the sports in which India secured the medals, the color of the medals, India’s ranking in medal tally, the countries which secured the highest number of medals, Indian athletes who were contenders but missed out on medals. Candidates could even expect questions on the Government initiatives to improve India’s medal tally at the Olympics, etc. It is important that candidates are able to connect one topic to another topic and anticipate questions. This will help candidates to be better prepared for IAS interview questions. 

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